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DesignMDNA is an interior design studio and lifestyle purveyor founded by Richard Medina Macari in 2017.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree, but his interest in interior design began before any formal training.

Growing up, Richard split his time between Texas and Mexico and has had the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing regions of the world. Travel exposed him to unique cultures and ways of life- with a particular interest in home life. These experiences and distinct points of view have had a profound influence on both the design approach and aesthetic language of MDNA.


After university, Richard began his career as an architectural designer and project manager at noted firms in San Antonio and Austin, Texas learning many different aspects of the design industry. Realizing his passion for interiors, he freelanced for a few brave friends at first and eventually headed the interiors department at the esteemed firm LaRue Architects for seven years.

Embedded in the make up of MDNA is the notion that in order to make a house a home it must reflect the homeowner. The goal of the firm is always to create clever and well designed spaces that function seamlessly with the client's unique lifestyle.

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